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Company activity
No.1 machine-made factory promote management of production vigorously, each work achieves remarkable success.
    The leadership team of No.1 machine-made factory have the bold exploration, unceasingly enterprising in enterprise management, through the use of scientific management means and method in man-machine combination "on line, innovation and efficiency, neither seek inspired the staff's working enthusiasm, also ensures woven equipment exert better work efficiency.
    9月份,一车间QJD-04号织机以1745576纬、织造面积8047.In September, QJD-04 machine in No.1 workshop created the best result in month output with the work efficiency of 1745576 wefts, 8047.73 weaving area and 7059 effective area. The factory also organize business technology backbone collectively research, through the analyzing the various performance indicators of the weaving machine equipments which imported from Germany, and the effectively transformation on its edge, further guarantees the quality of products. Meanwhile, technical personnel through trial and error, repeated practices, installed the car alarm in the key parts of the weaving equipment, effectively prevent the accidents.
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