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· The leaders of China EXIM Bank came to Tibetan Sheep Carpets Group to investigate and guide the work  2012/8/27 
· The leaders of the Ministry of Commerce came to Tibetan Sheep Carpets Group to investigate and guide the work  2012/9/20 
· The Director of Qinghai Provincial Industry and Commerce Bureau Chen Xinglong came to Tibetan Sheep Carpets Group to investigate and guide work.  2012/10/22 
· The leaders of Xining Customs came to Tibetan Sheep Carpets Group to inspect and guide the work  2012/12/1 
· The leaders of National School of Administration toured to Tibetan Sheep Group  2012/10/31 
· Tibetan Sheep Group was awarded the Quality Evaluation of Credit Rating of AA Grade.  2013/1/30 
· Report of 2013 New Year Gatherings of Tibetan Sheep Carpets Group  2013/2/19 
· The leaders of the Provincial Women's Federation came to Tibetan Sheep Carpets Group to send warmth to the staffs.  2013/2/4 
· Chinese Foreign Culture Group Company came to visit our company  2013/2/26 
· Su Ning, Provincial Party Committee Member, came to Tibetan Sheep Group to show great concern to the first production line female workers at the approach of Women’s Day.  2013/3/6 
· Tibetan Sheep Group attends ‘Xining--Summer City Promotion –Hongkong Trip  2010/12/18 
· The State Council Working Supervision Group on Migrant Worker Visits Our Company  2010/11/18 
· NPC members visit Tibetan Sheep Group.  2010/7/18 
· Member of the CPC Central Committee Political Bureau, Vice Premier, State Council Zhang Dejiang inspects Tibetan Sheep Group.  2010/9/11 
· Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ambassador Mr. Wu Sike comes to Qinghai Tibetan Sheep Group for investigation  2010/8/12 
· Mu dongsheng, the Member of the Standing Committee of Qinghai Provincial CPC Committee and the chairman of Qinghai provincial federation of labor unions visited and researched Qinghai Tibetan Sheep Carpets (Group) ltd  2010/9/10 
· The vice chairman of National CPPCC Chen Zongxing came to inspect Tibetan Sheep Group  2010/8/27 
· Party committees and the unions of Qinghai Tibetan Sheep Carpet Group organize staff to carry on job skills competitions for optimum  2010/7/24 
· Qiangwei meet Mr. Zhenhuan Huo, the president of The Chinese General Chamber of Commerce and his commission.  2008/12/26 
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