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Knowledge of Tibetan carpets
10 big functions of
  Issues the time:2012/7/19   Altogether reading:1928time  

                                                     Tibetan carpets

The following functions of using Tibetan carpets, mainly for pure hand-knotted carpet made of animal and plant fiber or hand-finished carpet made of animal and plant fiber.

    1. Sound absorption and steady

Carpet is one of the most effective acoustic building materials. It can prevent the ground produce noise, and do not decrease the normal voice quality, also can greatly reduce voice’s reflex and spread through the ground.

    2. Walk comfortably, reduce fatigue

Carpet, because the inherent properties of its material qualitative itself, walk up comfortable, soft and elastic; at the same time reduce the heat loss generated by human body and feet because of radiation and increase comfort.

    3. Hold temperature, save energy

    (1) Warmth retention: In cold winter, carpet cut out the coldness of the floor, configured geothermal unit; it will let your room warm.

    (2) Keep low temperature: While in burning hot summer, open air conditioning, cold air will go to low, carpet can keep the cold air inside, gradually released. Tibetan carpets’ heat preservation and blocking function can make the low temperature of a room not outward flow through the floor and save air conditioning energy indoor.

    4. Satisfy life personalized needs

Carpet is a kind of ground material that can be very easy to change the indoor environment. You can replace new carpet easily at any time according to your mood and intention.

    5. Surface decoration and beautify the environment

Because carpet has a wealth of designs and colors, after laying carpet indoor, match with furniture, walls and other adornment together, forming a harmonious and comfortable picture, which can create a comfortable and warm atmosphere.

    6. Vacuuming and cleaning environment

Because the surface of the carpet are flocking head structure, it can adsorb air dust, stop flying again, reduce dust content of the air.

    7. Adjusting the humidity

Animal and plant fiber itself contain certain moisture, which constantly change with the environment. This special property makes it have the function of regulating environment humidity. In high humidity environment, it can absorb moisture from the air; while the air is dry, it releases the moisture.

    8. Moistureproof the wet

Animal and plant fiber can absorb moisture from the high humidity, cut off the wet from the ground.

    9. Smell remover

Animal and plant fiber has the function of adsorption smell, can remove indoor peculiar smell.

    10. Safety

Walk safety. It can reduce the injury caused by slip or trip.

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