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Knowledge of Tibetan carpets
Hand-knotted Tibetan
  Issues the time:2012/7/19   Altogether reading:2442time  

                                                   Carpets'  Value

For Pure hand-knotted Tibetan carpets, except its use and appreciation value, with the passing of time, it can be evolved triple values, including the maintain value, art and collect value.

Qinghai is the birthplace of the Tibetan carpets, and is also the main origin of “Xining Wool” which is recognized as high quality raw material in the world. "Xining wool" is unique Tibetan wool in Tibetan plateau, with the features of brightness, thick-long fiber, good elastic, and strong acid fastness. Its structure is mainly divided into three layers, surface for "scale", followed by "leather fat layer", the center for "pulp fat layer". Because the surface often cover natural burnish of wool, washing manual carpets regularly will help to burnish the scales layer, make Tibetan carpets coruscate original natural shine, and the color of the blanket will be bright and bright, feel more soft. They will show more antique and be the best handicraft when match the old furniture. According to the measure, after 50 times chemical washing, knotted pile will be abraded out, only left the knot buckles, surface form high grade original carpet pattern, then carpet become handicraft from a work of art. After decoration and put it on the wall, it will be the cultural accessory and Tibetan carpets have high collection value, their collection properties appears gradually. Therefore, with the passing of time, the manual carpet can have evolved triple value: from goods to handicraft, the value can improve 3 times; then improve 3 times from handicraft to artwork.

This handicraft art, condensing with a long history and national characteristics, integrating with snow area plateau thousands of years cultural accumulation, become "exotic" in the world carpets big family with its unique glamour, highlight the "refined handwork, thousands of years’ inheritance, family heirloom, value eternity" features.

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