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Knowledge of Tibetan carpets
Maintenance of Tibetan carpets
  Issues the time:2012/7/19   Altogether reading:5682time  

Tibetan carpets are very durable merchandise for family decoration, especially the hand-knotted Tibetan carpets. When using it, please don't worry about the wool slip, as actually wool slip is one kind of natural attributes of the carpets. It is up to the weaving process and quality, has nothing to do with the inner quality of carpets.

Tibetan carpets with pure wool, pure silk, wool and silk, hair&silk as the main raw material. As a kind of symbol for natural fashion pursuit, it has unique maintenance and cleaning method.

First, Tibetan carpets daily maintenance

    1. The putting of Tibetan carpets

When putting Tibetan carpets,we should avoid the carpets to be screened from direct sunlight to decolor. After using the carpet for a period of time, we had better change its position to make it with even wear. Once some places without smooth, we should flap it gently, and we also can use steam electric iron or hot towel iron it gently. If carpet appears hair intert, we need clean towel soaking hot water to wipe it, then comb it straight with the comb, then it can be restored by using the electric iron with wet cloth press the wool fianlly.

    2. Dust absorption

When using tibetan carpets, we had better use cleaner to clean it one time every day. If we have no time, at least clean it once a week, which can keep the carpet clean. Otherwise, in the long run it will cause the carpet surface with color deterioration ann metamorphosed. Once appear mildew spot, cleaning will be harder.
Dust absorption is the most basic work for Tibetan carpets maintenance, when having dust absorption, it is better to clean one place for twice, first go against carpet from the undirection to absorb, although with strong strength, which can make it clean thoroughly, then go along fluff head and absorb, it can make the carpets restore original head orientation and avoid flocking head disorder and have chromatism. It must be pointed out that no matter how many times you clean dust of the carpet, you must go along the carpet fluff head to absorb it for the last time.

    3. Cleaning

Regularly washing different regional part of Tibetan carpet will make it restore ture feature and prolong the service life. When using Tibetan carpet, it should have a professional cleaning for every one to two years. There are two basic methods for Tibetan carpets cleaning, one is dry-washing, the other is wet-washing. No matter which washing method you choose, you had better find a professional person who had a good vocational training in this work (most of the cleaning company all can provide this service). Please be advise that it’s better sending the carpets back to manufacturer for washing. If for the small size Tibetan carpet, you can use netural  detergent to clean the carpet.

Second, part cleaning for besmirch of Tibetan carpet

When a child, pet dog or a guest make the Tibetan carpet dirty, we should remove the dirty content and fast clean the carpet. when dirt fall or overflow on carpet surface, we should have immediately pertinent cleaning, such do like that, it can save time and reduce the damage to the Tibetan carpet.

When Tibetan carpet occurred dirt contamination, please use paper towel or hygroscopic cloth remove dirt liquid and root out the hard dirt with the end of shovel or spoon. Then put detergent on the towel or cloth, it can not directly touch the dirt and quanity shoule be less, and clean the dirt from besmirch rim to the center, in order to prevent the besmirch area expands. You can't brush it, otherwise it will make besmirch area expanded and the direction of fluff head will change, you also can't make fluff head of Tibetan carpet too wet. Finally please use clean towel to remove the water as much as possible to ensure the Tibetan carpet to be dry as early as possible. Pay attention that make the carpet dry is not to directly bask in the sun, but airing in shade.

Effective methods to deal with special besmirch:

    1, coffee, tea

If spilting coffee over the Tibetan carpet, you can use dry cloth or paper to absorb the moisture, then mix the same amount of ethanol and liquor to sprinkled on the besmirch, take the dry cloth to wipe the dirt away. If no liquor, vinegar also has the same effect. In view of this, if you have liquor left at home, you can take advantage of it to maintain home clean. Except coffee, including black tea and etc. food besmirch which is easy to taint color, also can use the same way to clear.

    2, Beer, alcohol, red wine

With a clean cloth dips in water mixed with washing powder solvent, then wipe it and use paper towel absorb excess water, after that with clean cloth dips in warm water to wipe dirty place, finally please use paper towel absorb water and airing it.

    3, coke, fruit juice

With a clean cloth dips in the warm water mixed with neutral detergent, then wipe it and use paper towel to absorb water and airing it.

    4, Cosmetics, shoe polish, inkpad etc.

First spray the detergent on the dirty place, with a clean cloth to wipe, again with a clean cloth dipping in clean water to wipe, finally use paper towel to absorb water and airing it.

    5, ink

New ink mark: putting some salt on the ink, with a clean cloth dips in soapy water to wipe the ink, after that with a clean cloth dipping in clean water to wipe again, finally with paper towel to water absorption and dry it.

Old ink mark: soaking with a little milk moment, then wipe with the towel dipped in milk, again with a clean cloth dips in clean water to wipe, finally with paper towel to make water absorption and then airing it.

    6, Milk, egg, mustard, vomit

With a clean cloth dips in warm water mixed with neutral detergent or carpet detergent to wipe, then wiping with paper towel to absorb water and dry it.

    7,Chewing gum

Firstly using plastic bag filled with the ice to cover chewing gum which can make the chewing gum solidificate, then with hand press on it until chewing gum completely transforms hard, with the brush or the toothbrush to remove it. Finally with the brush to brush it thoroughly clean. Do not use any chemical potion, because if do tlike that, it will damage the carpet, and not worth the candle.

Third, other small coups for using Tibetan carpets

    1, Putting 500 MLS water in the basin, adding two to three drops of cool essence or toilet water in it, with broom dips into the mixed water to clean the carpet, it can not only make indoor air moist,  but also prevent the summer mosquitoes.
    2, Using vinegar to eliminate peculiar smell of pets on the Tibetan carpets: Putting 4 cups vinegar into 4Ls warm water, with towel dipps in it and remove the water to wipe. Vinegar can not only prevent discoloration or carpet fades, but also can eliminate the peculiar smell of the pet (soda water also have deodorization effect). After wiping, then put it in place of ventilation air to dry it.

    3, when cleaning dust from the Tibetan carpets, you could put some salt on it, which can inhibit the flowing of the dust. Because salt can absorb dust, even if a small dust, it also can clean up neatly. At the same time, this methods still can make Tibetan carpets become more durable, keep colorful.

    4, In summer, if your Tibetan carpet need to temporarily store up, you must clean up it, and airing it in the shade, pat the carpets to make the dust fall down and put some insect-resist agents on it, Rolling it up against hair. Please remember that don't beat it on a hard floor, which can cause Tibetan carpet damage. Finally, sealing it well with a plastic bag and placing it at ventilated dry place. In addition, the Tibetan carpet must not put on the open air, or it will suffer from pests or color fading due to the sunshine.

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