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About Qinghai Tibetan Sheep Machine-made Carpets Co., Ltd.


Qinghai Tibetan Sheep Machine-made Carpets Co.,Ltd. is invested and founded by Qinghai Tibetan Sheep Carpets (Group) Ltd. in 2005. It is a comprehensive manufacturing enterprise mainly for producing machine-made carpets, combining product research and development,designing,technical training,information & consultation, sale and service.

The company's tenet is: with the advantage of the resource "Xining Wool" in Qinghai, speed up and strengthen the development of Tibetan carpet industry, build up the international superior brand and promote the development of Qinghai social economy.

Add:   No.1 Haining Road, Chengnan Industrial Park, Xining, Qinghai, China
P.C.:   810000
Tel:   +86-971-5120210
Fax:   +86-971-5130186
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