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Tibetan Sheep Group was awarded the Quality Evaluation of Credit Rating of AA Grade.
Issues the time:  2013/1/30   Altogether reading1950time   

Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau of Qinghai Province carried out the enterprise quality credit evaluation in 2012. Qinghai Tibetan Sheep Carpet (Group) Ltd. Was awarded the Quality Credit Evaluation AA grade. Tibetan Sheep Group has always attached great importance to product quality and credit, taken the product quality as life of the company. When the company was set up primarily, we have established and improved a sound of quality inspection and supervision system, established the three-level quality inspection system from the team, workshop to the company with strict quality test and credit to ensure the performance of customers’ orders based on the "three arrangements" (as per arranged quality, quantity and time). This ranked 2012 "AA" enterprise is the result that the company attaches importance to product quality from management to every employee. Tibetan Sheep Group will cherish the honor, continue to focus on the quality of the products, create more outstanding achievement.

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