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The leaders of the Provincial Women's Federation came to Tibetan Sheep Carpets Group to send warmth to the staffs.
Issues the time:  2013/2/4   Altogether reading1982time   

On January 30, 2013, during the Spring Festival coming, Vice President of Qinghai Provincial Women's Federation Ma Xiuying came to Tibetan Sheep Carpets Group to express sympathy to Zhou Yonghua and others, total 9 female employees who have difficulties in their life, and bring the Organization's care and warmth to them. Vice President Ma Xiuying sent RMB9000Yuan consolation to the hands of the female workers and expressed to them that the Women's Federations always concern about the difficulty compatriots, and encouraged the employees to build the confidence and courage to overcome difficulties. As long as we have confidence, work hard, the temporary difficulties must be overcome, and we will live in a happy life. The female employees who got the sympathy thank the care from the Organization with emotion and express to try their efforts to work hard, and increasing revenue by their hard work, improving their lives, doing their own contributions for the development of enterprise and construction of well-off society.

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